Cannery Life, Del Monte in the Santa Clara Valley

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View a database that includes artifacts, photographs, and documents in the History San José collection which relate to Del Monte Plant #3 in San José, California.

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In Their Own Words

Beatrice and Friends

Learn about Del Monte Plant #3 from the people who worked there.  See videos of former Del Monte employees sharing their memories.

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Through the Years

Explore the 106 years of canning at Del Monte Plant #3 in San José, California by selecting one of the time periods.  1872-1916 includes the story of the early canning industry, and the founding of the San Jose Fruit Packing Company and the California Fruit Canners’ Association.  1917-1966 covers the heyday of canning the San José and the creation of the California Packing Corporation [Calpak].  1967-1999 discusses Calpak’s change to the Del Monte Corporation and the declining years of the Santa Clara Valley canning industry.