Cannery Life, Del Monte in the Santa Clara Valley

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Mission brand yellow cling peaches label

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Contemporary label from a can of peaches, c 1985.The high quality products produced at canneries like Plant #3 earned the name Del Monte an outstanding reputation.  In 1967, the California Packing Corporation adopted Del Monte as its corporate name.  By the 1980’s, however, it was clear that Plant #3’s days were numbered.  Orchards were gradually replaced with housing and office complexes.  Del Monte Plant #3, c. 1980Less and less local produce arrived for processing at Plant #3.  Even as the Valley’s agriculture faded, workers at Del Monte Plant #3 continued production, and continued to build friendships and loyalty to the company and to one another.  When it closed in 1999, Del Monte Plant #3 was the last major canning operation in what was by then called “Silicon Valley”.