Cannery Life, Del Monte in the Santa Clara Valley

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Learn about Del Monte Plant #3 from the people who worked there.  See videos of former Del Monte employees sharing their memories.

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Secondary Products

Detail of Sanborn Fire Insurance Map, 1917-1921.In its tireless efforts to maximize efficiency and profit, Calpak developed ways to make use of the by-products from canning.  Plant #153 was the pit-cracking plant, where discarded pits from stone fruits were broken down to be used as charcoal and fertilizer.  Plant #54 was the by-products plant.  Surplus juice from the canned fruits was recycled into canned fruit juice or nectar.  Waste and by-products were also made into cosmetics, soap, oil, and other products.  Even the boxes that brought the fruit to the plant were recycled into other materials and uses.